Journal Story Interior Kaliningrad

"Story Interior" - is a monthly regional magazine dedicated to the construction and modern trends of its development, as well as building products and services, furniture and interior items. The publication is aimed at providing high-quality reference and analytical information as professionals in the field of construction, and people who have decided to start to build, renovate and equip your home and office.
Journal Story Interior "- is one of the leading periodicals in the region, produced with the active support of the Union of Builders of the Kaliningrad Region, Kaliningrad Association of Furniture, as well as regional offices of Russian public organization" Russian Union of Architects "and" Union of Designers of Russia. "

Address: 236000 Kaliningrad, ul. Municipal, 4, 1 floor

Phone: 93-52-82


Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo, Moscow

The system is designed for large-scale international exhibitions of different profiles with participation of Russian and foreign companies. It is located near major transportation arteries in Moscow (20-25 minutes from downtown), close to planned construction of the subway station (according to the General Development Plan of Moscow), there is an extensive area for parking (more than 3000 seats). The winning factor is the presence near the center of two popular shopping centers of large format, with a range of products targeted at all social groups.


Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce

Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit public organization uniting Russian companies and Russian entrepreneurs. ETC's online you can find information about the Kaliningrad region, special economic zone, and get acquainted with the legal basis on which you can start your business in the Kaliningrad region.

Address: 236010 RUSSIA, Kaliningrad, ul. Vatutina 20
Tel / Fax: 95 68 01

Phone: 95 47 88 95 59 13, 55-59-13



Magazine "Our furniture Moscow

"Our furniture" magazine-catalog of furniture, interior, accessories and fittings. The magazine is aimed at manufacturers of furniture, components, accessories and consumables at trade organizations, as well as companies involved in interior design, renovation and restoration of furniture. The idea of the magazine - to enable the manufacturer to establish contacts with suppliers of components and consumables, with furniture wholesale organizations, with companies involved in design and interior design.

Address: 117335 Moscow, ul.Arhitektora Vlasov, 3, k.1
tel. 746-59-39 dob.110


urs of the Kaliningrad region Kaliningrad

Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Kaliningrad region - a non-profit non-governmental public organization, founded and operating on generally accepted and recognized throughout the civilized world, the principles of democracy, freedom of speech, opinion and expression, voluntary entry into the Union and exit from the industrial, commercial, production, refining, construction and agricultural enterprises, services, transport and communications, private entrepreneurs without legal entity, banks, insurance, financial leasing and other credit institutions, joint ventures, including a 100% foreign capital, financial and industrial groups, corporations and holding companies, research organizations, academic and educational institutions, industry associations, unions and associations and other nonprofit organizations and individual members - individuals without restrictions, regardless of the organizational-legal form of hierarchy or degree of subordination, the profile of the company or its industry supplies, the level of profitability, liquidity, size, capital, gross receipts or profits from the availability of production facilities if other basic means of production, open all year to take into its ranks to new entrants that recognizes and supports the Constitution of the Union, shared his goals and objectives, and are always ready to participate actively in the ongoing work of the Union, the Union organized events, rallies and meetings held in the Union of Industrial and economic, social and public policy in the Kaliningrad region, except for entrepreneurs with a bad business reputation, or related directly or indirectly with criminal structures.

Postal address: 236000, Kaliningrad, ul. Komsomolskaya, 2-1.Tel: 226479, fax: 274063.