Furniture design contest "Amber taboureT"

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Amber stool”, the furniture design competition will take place the second timeFirstly Kaliningrad designers have been brought together at 2008. It was an important event for Kaliningrad furniture industry29 original projects were presented by 15 designers.

Idea. Design as a competitive advantage.

  • Kaliningrad furniture industry is unique due to few reasons. Being founded in the early 90th, all furniture business was turned into resale of furniture from Poland. Overall, it was caused by favorable conditions of Kaliningrad, as special economic zone, proximity to Europe furniture/kits/accessories makers. Existence of these conditions promoted development great number of independent business structures focused both on internal and outward markets.

  • The proximity of West and the monitoring of foreign market allowed our furniture makers to form different from other competitive furniture series. 

  • The transition period is preceded by the end of the law "On special economic zone. "This transitional period will last until April 1, 2016. During this time, Kaliningrad furniture manufacturers to create new competitive advantages that have allowed furniture industry to exist without the law "On special economic zone. "

  • "Amber stool sees design as desired competitive advantageThe design does not consider the cost of materials and the "status "of the finished product, but it is a way to find and implement new and useful functions in the usual household items.

      Competition goals

  • to involve professionaly prepared industrial designers to select the best the best ideas for translating it into product line;

  • built a foundation of competent young designers and their latest design ideas;

       The founders and organizers

  • Kaliningrad Furniture Association
  • Institute of Modern Educational Technology of the Russian State University Kant (ISOTRSU them. Kant);

The governing bodies of the competition

  • Kaliningrad Furniture Association

      Thematic sections

  • Upholstered furniture;
  • Children's furniture;
  • Kitchen furniture;
  • Furniture for the house; 


Assignments are presented as case studies from companies representing a storyabout the history of the factory, professional traditions, market segments, future plansand technical specifications.содержание ТЗ на конкурсную работу:



Determined by the holder of the case study


Project idea


Number of projected objects




Use of materials



  • Company-Case Holder reserves the right to change the terms of reference;
  • Check the terms of placement case you can find here;