Furniture Olympus

There was a fourth, competition "Furniture Olympus. We can say that the contest has already become a good tradition of Kaliningrad Furniture. But in 2004, contest organizers have made a number of changes.

More clearly defined evaluation criteria for different contest nominations. Sami category are divided into two categories: the category in which the competing items of furniture and the nomination, which compete directly furniture companies. Accordingly, the criteria for evaluating the participants in these categories are different. In the first case, the jury assessed piece of furniture - its quality, design, consumer characteristics, etc. In the second - was assessed furniture business in general - the quality and range of its product, streamlining activities, the level of management, quality of personnel, etc. The winners in the nominations for furniture companies were awarded the challenge cup: best production company - "Best furniture factory and a better commercial enterprise - the nomination" Best furniture store (furniture retail chain).

Also, except for diplomas in each of the nominations expert jury awarded special diplomas to members of the jury.

Changes in competition touched not only the list of nominations and evaluation criteria. Organisers have made the competition more open and attracted the participation of the greatest possible number of Kaliningrad Furniture. List of invitations to tender this year amounted to more than 150 furniture enterprises of Kaliningrad and region.

In 2004, taking into account the wishes of many participants' Furniture Olympus - 2003 ", the jury included a large number of representatives of the furniture company. Moreover, each participant had the right to invite a representative to the expert jury and the Supervisory Board contest.

The work of the jury lasted until February 11. Jury toured the site, which displays pieces of furniture - the nominees of the contest and got acquainted with the work of companies that pretend to be the best furniture factory and the best furniture store. For the convenience of participants, it was decided that the jury will examine the pieces of furniture where they are installed now - in a furniture showroom, showroom, production, or even flat.

Sunday - from 11 to 17 February was assigned to summarize the work of the jury and the determination of the jury who will present their special diplomas. On 18 February a ceremony awarding the winners. In each category winners were awarded with diplomas and certificates second and third degrees.

Participation in the competition (and even more victory in him) - is a good opportunity for any furniture company to declare itself.

The contest was held under the patronage of the Mayor and the Administration area, so the contest participants could expect to solve their issues at the highest level.

The competition organizers sought to make the contest really general competition for all furniture enterprises of Kaliningrad region and will continue to strive to increase openness, transparency and professionalism.