Summing up the first furniture design competition Kaliningrad "Amber stool 2008

July 10 at the Art Gallery held a summing up of the first furniture design competition Kaliningrad "Amber stool 2008.

The work of the jury began early in the morning. Of the 29 alleged timated each.

The main assessment criteria of the jury chose the creative ideas and artistic expressiveness, efficiency and functionality, the use of modern technologies and materials, and, finally, the possibility of industrial production. Fifteen participants were presented a lot of interesting work. The winners are members who scored the maximum number of points, which were calculated independently of the Counting Commission.

Activities for the general public has opened a seminar on "Modern furniture design in Denmark. The partnership of producers and designers," prepared by the special guests of the competition and the jury Troels Grum-Shvensenom, independent furniture designers, architects and Bettina Simonsen, Managing Director of the Center for the furniture industry and wood Denmark. Participants had the opportunity to not only immerse themselves in a surprising specificity of the famous Danish design, take steps to see the ups and downs, but worked for years to explore the experience of contractual relationships of producers and designers. Some of the furniture makers have benefited from lessons learned in the framework of the visit to hold talks with the Danish designer for further cooperation.

Award contestants oration opened by President AKM - Meister Mikhail Borisovich. Already in the first minutes of participants feel the excitement, because everyone wanted a worthy recognition of his work, much less become a winner. None of the works presented have been deprived of attention, all the contestants were awarded certificates, and the winners were awarded cash certificates and diplomas of winners of 1, 2 and 3 awards. The main prize - a diploma of the winner prize and a certificate for thirty thousand rubles deservedly received Aram Gevorgyan for work Untitled. Second place was awarded for the project Pankovo Olga JoyRed. A draft of children's furniture Boyarinovoy Helen became the third winner.

Partners of the competition - magazine "Stroyinterer" and "Kaliningrad houses" set up special prizes: the publication of works and interviews with the winners in upcoming issues.

Putting the main task, the creation of the creative union of designers and furniture enterprises of Kaliningrad region, an organizer of the contest, the Association of Kaliningrad Furniture, has received support from the Ministry of Economy of the Kaliningrad region, the Union of Designers of Russia, the Programme to promote economic development in Kaliningrad and Pskov regions, the Information Office of the Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries. A high score by Russian and international participants and guests will surely become a solid basis for the annual tender for furniture design, creating original, functional models of furniture and display furniture industry in the region to a higher level.

Entries will be exhibited in the Kaliningrad Art Gallery till 20 August 2008

For contact information of participants is available in the Executive Directorate of the Association of Kaliningrad Furniture