Meet with AKM


Maister Mikhail Borisovich

Director of Cinno Cillini

Dear friends!  

We proudly present to you the authors of a small miracle - the creators of the new Russian furniture brands - "Made in Kaliningrad!" The essence of this miracle is that in our small area in a short time emerged and formed the core cluster of modern industrial sector?

Fortunately for us, history has disposed so that as the founding fathers of the Kaliningrad furniture enterprises are energetic, creative and well-educated people.

Today in the Kaliningrad region is 7 percent of furniture, manufactured in Russia. Here are the results of their work! For each presentation page in this edition, every enterprise - the years of hard work and creativity of Kaliningrad entrepreneurs mebelshikov.  

Kaliningrad Association of Furniture only 12 years old, or rather, for 12 years. The main task for us all these years was to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the development of each furniture company. This task - all our priority.

We hope that by contacting any of the furniture companies - members of the Association of Kaliningrad Furniture - you get not only satisfaction with the quality of work, but get in the future, reliable partners and good friends.



President of the Association

Kaliningrad Furniture

Michael Meister