About AKM

akm_logo.jpgNon-Commercial Partnership "Association of Kaliningrad Furniture, AKM, - an independent, nonprofit organization funded by its members.

Partnership consists of enterprises and entrepreneurs, whose activities are related to the production of furniture in the Kaliningrad region.

AKM was founded in 1997 on the initiative of several companies, furniture manufacturers and today has more than 45 members.

Currently, AKM combines approximately two-thirds of the Kaliningrad companies, furniture manufacturers.

Members AKM sell their products in more than 40 regions of Russia, as well as in countries near and far abroad.

Mission AKM

The mission of ACM is to present and promote the interests of the Partnership members, supporting them through quality lobbying, information support, and through actions aimed at improving the trade, business environment, promoting integration between the European Union and Russia.

President of the Association - Meister Mikhail Borisovich.

Executive Director - Helen V. Stetsurina.

Furniture production in the Kaliningrad region - one among the few industries that developed in the post-Soviet period. Strengthening the furniture industry over the past 13 years was the result of many favorable factors that emerged in our region and in the Russian market as a whole.

Kaliningrad region - an exclave of the Russian Federation, situated on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. The geographic location of the region - its proximity to Europe - has given businesses free access to modern technology, machinery, tools and other equipment for furniture production, and also to quality materials and components that allow to produce high quality products.



Since 1996, with the introduction of the law on special economic zone, all the above positive factors were added privileges in customs tax.

According to statistics, Kaliningrad furniture manufacturers produce up to 6% of all furniture made in Russia.

Companies in the AKM, interested in expanding their role in the Russian market as well as the markets of the European Union.

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